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About Us

What does a DJ do besides pumping out music? At Pump House DJ’s you get to hire the DJ’s of your choice; we will mix tracks and get playlists to matchup perfectly to keep the party going. Having been in the entertainment industry for the last 20 years, we hire only the best. Our young, energetic and dynamic DJ’s innovate, experiment, evolve and play eclectic music that is foot tapping, heart throbbing and mind-blowing.

We are entertainers to the core- music and DJ’ing is our passion and lifeblood and this passion is reflected in every one of our DJ’s. We believe that music isn’t just about having a collection of a thousand songs and playing them at a party or event- music is that one aspect of your event that can elevate it from a “so-so” affair to one that is interesting and even exciting and fun.

Our DJ’s know their music, their crowd and more that, they know how to play the crowd. They will get it to react and respond, and they feed off this sea of energy and get a feel of the vibe of the party- and before you know it, your party’s rocking and rolling!

We are flexible and are able to accommodate all requests from clients, and have a vast collection of music from every genre- electric techno music, rock, mainstream pop, jazz, generic mixes, fresh beats, fusion music- we have it all. With every gig, we challenge ourselves to greater heights of performance and make sure that you get the kind of music you want.

Our DJ’s specialise in different styles of music but are comfortable playing any request thrown at them; they keep the party going and make sure everyone has a great time. Our equipment is the best premium standard, our sound and lighting is the best in this industry; we believe our customers deserve the best. We can play at your event at clubs, pubs, wedding venues, private parties, corporate functions and festivals.

Our DJs are professional, never tardy, always flexible with catering to client’s requests and focused on creating music that will transcend the ordinary. If you want your guests to get swept in the energy of music and have a good time at your party, function or event, we Pump House DJs are the ones you need to hire.